Steadily Upwards: Keys to China’s 2018 Economic Work

by Bian Yongzu January 9, 2018

At the Central Economic Work Conference, steady progress was once again emphasized. It will remain the guiding principle for the country’s economic work in 2018.

From “Made in China” to “Intelligent Manufacturing from China”

by Bian Yongzu, Xu Zhiling October 17, 2017

The supply-side reform initiated by the Chinese government is restructuring the whole industrial spectrum, focusing on the emerging and high technologies, while upgrading the traditional sectors.

Chinese foreign minister sets tone for future of Sino-Indian ties

by Rabi Sankar Bosu March 19, 2018

Though India and China have their disagreements, cooperation is better than confrontation. Leadership of both countries should put aside their disputes and instead focus on creating a better future for the 2.5 billion people residing on either side of the Himalayas.

Highlights of Xi Jinping’s Report to the 19th CPC National Congress

by Hu Zhoumeng & Andrey Maleev November 16, 2017

The report provides the blueprint for China to develop into a great modern socialist country by the middle of the 21st century.


A Decade of BRICS Cooperation

by Hu Zhoumeng & Andrey Maleev August 31, 2017

Since its launch in 2006, BRICS has evolved from an investment concept into an influential international mechanism and a major bloc to hedge against financial crisis, drive economic growth and democratize international relations, after consistently fostering positive development through the years.

Brics timeline

Entrepreneurs Discuss Business Details at China-India Conference

by Mithila Phadke March 20, 2017

From tech behemoths that are transforming sectors like transport and education, to fast-expanding innovators which have changed the way people shop, entrepreneurs from across all kinds of fields, and from across China and India, made their way to the ‘China Go Global and Second Chindia TMT Dialogue’ conference, held in Beijing on March 16, 2017.


China’s Gaming Boom

by Wang Jiayin March 19, 2017

Along with the tireless efforts and creativity of China’s game designers, the rapid growth in the number of internet users played the key role in facilitating the boom.


New Path to Cultivate IT Talents

by Hu Zhoumeng July 24, 2017

Qingdao University in China’s Shandong Province has joined hands with NIIT to cultivate software outsourcing talent with both theoretical knowledge and professional skills.


Right Place, Right Time: Bittersweet Visit to NIIT University

by Hu Zhoumeng July 17, 2017

The Chinese students from Qingdao University who visited NIIT University in India vividly recall watching the sunsets and listening to insect songs on campus as well as the experience of enduring India’s currency cancellation.



A Sober Look at Dangerous Misconceptions on China-India Relations

Lan Jianxue

Hopefully, the Modi government will demonstrate political wisdom and keep the bigger picture in mind when handling issues concerning China-India relations as well as taking active measures to end the stand-off between the two countries. This is the only choice beneficial to India’s security and development, to China-India cooperation, and to the stability of the region as a whole.

Pankti mehta

India Rockets Past Record Books

Pankti Mehta Kadakia

The country achieved a milestone by launching 104 satellites with a single rocket in February. A journalist provides a first-hand account of the historic moment.


Indian and American Scholars Should Play a Positive Role in Maintaining Peace

Pan Heping

China’s defense policy is intended to safeguard and promote the peace and stability of the international community. Conversely, the suggestion that the U.S., Japan, and India collaborate to constrain China’s rise, as some Indian and American scholars made at the conference, is negative to the security of the Asia-Pacific region.


China-India Relations: Less Confrontation, More Cooperation

Zhang Yunling

It would be wise to not miss and ruin the huge space for cooperation and conciliation for the long term and ultimate interests of parties concerned.

Working Together for Future BRICS Cooperation

by Li Hui September 1, 2017

For a decade, BRICS countries continuously strengthened dialogue and cooperation, injecting new energy to drive the world economy, reform global economic governance and facilitate the democratization of international relations.


20,000 Leagues Under the Indian Ocean

by Shu Yun & Liao Jianlin April 22, 2017

As night falls, a brilliant blanket of stars shatters the darkness, creating a moment of happiness beyond description.

My Story with BRICS Countries

by China-India Dialogue August 31, 2017

For a Closer Partnership through People-to-People Exchange

My Story with BRICS Countries

by China-India Dialogue August 31, 2017

For a Closer Partnership through People-to-People Exchange

[Crossing Cultures: Indians in China] Reshma Khan: The Language of Food

by Nick Lanigan Photographs courtesy of the internet July 27, 2017

“I think food is something that does not require a language. It crosses all boundaries.”

India’s Persisting Gender Gap

by Mithila Phadke June 6, 2017

Dangal is inspiring, but gender equality in India still has a long way to go.






Toward Goa, a Romantic Coastal State

by China India Dialogue October 14, 2016

Sitting at southwestern coast of India, Goa, the country’s richest state, boasts best quality of life in India. People there enjoy cultural diversity and coastal beauty.


BRICS Timeline

by China India Dialogue October 13, 2016

The BRICS mechanism aims to boost the rise of developing nations as a whole, reform the international currency and financial system, and balance development of the world economy.


Perspectives on BRICS Nations

by China India Dialogue October 12, 2016

BRICS countries are all emerging economies with vast territories, large populations, rich resources and great economic potential.

Pic1 1

Bollywood Brotherhood

by Sudeshna Sarkar October 10, 2016

The partnership between Chinese and Indian film shows how BRICS movies can get more bouquets.

Increased mutual understanding between the peoples will result in less misreading and misjudgment, and will also further strengthen their diplomatic relationship.


Goa in October: Good Ground for a New Beginning

by Shastri Ramachandaran October 8, 2016

BRICS has an ambitious development agenda, and Sino-Indian relationship is the sheet anchor of the cohesion required for actualizing its aims and objectives.


China-India Relations: Changed and Unchanged

by Hu shisheng September 30, 2016

New Delhi's Dilemma Lies on How to Choose Between Cooperation and Competition in Its Policies toward China.


How Does India Protect Wild Tigers?

by China-India Dialogue September 29, 2016

India’s efforts to save tigers have produced a significant growth in the population of the animal.


Modi’s Reform and Future China-India Cooperation

by Yang Xiaoping September 28, 2016

In the course of its reform, India needs to constantly struggle against the ‘conservatism’ that has penetrated into the blood of its administrative and government systems.

G20 Hangzhou Summit Pushes Forward Global Climate Governance

by China India Dialogue September 27, 2016

The United Nations has warned that climate change will cause a loss of more than US$2 trillion across the globe till 2030. In the recent G20 Hangzhou Summit, members pushed forward global climate governance to tackle climate change.