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Movies Moving BRICS: Joint productions and film festivals foster emotional connections

by Sudeshna Sarkar & Xia Yuanyuan September 1, 2017


BRICS: A Golden Decade of Economic Cooperation

by Wang Lei September 1, 2017


Working Together for a Second Golden Decade of BRICS Cooperation

by Lin Songtian September 1, 2017

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China and Brazil’s Guiding Role in BRICS Cooperation

by Li Jinzhang September 1, 2017

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China’s Plan to Align with BRICS’ Development Strategy

by Feng Xingke August 31, 2017

Brics timeline

A Decade of BRICS Cooperation

by Hu Zhoumeng & Andrey Maleev August 31, 2017


CIPG, BRICS Think-tanks Sign Cooperation Agreements

by China India Dialogue August 19, 2017


[Quanzhou-BRICS] Chinese Experience Highlighted at BRICS Seminar on Governance

by Xinhua August 18, 2017


[Quanzhou-BRICS] Highlights of Huang Kunming's Speech at BRICS Governance Seminar

by August 18, 2017


[Quanzhou-BRICS] Voices from BRICS Scholars

by Zhou Xin August 18, 2017


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