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BFA Holds New Year Special Event for Members and Partners & Unveils the "Free Trade Agreements: Asia's Choice" Report

by China India Dialogue January 14, 2021

New year

Xi delivers New Year speech, hails hard-won achievements in "extraordinary" 2020

by Xinhua January 1, 2021

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China holds key economic meeting to plan for 2021

by Xinhua December 19, 2020

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Xi congratulates complete success of Chang'e-5 mission

by Xinhua December 17, 2020


“Beautiful India Beautiful China” Online Photo Exhibition Unveiled in Beijing

by China India Dialogue Photographs by Xu Xun and Duan Wei December 9, 2020

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China's spacecraft takes off from moon with samples

by Xinhua December 4, 2020


China, Japan look to boost collaboration

by China Daily December 1, 2020

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Xi Focus: Xi calls for G20 efforts in safeguarding planet Earth

by Xinhua November 23, 2020

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Xi Focus: Xi proposes BRICS solutions for combating COVID-19, reviving world economy

by Xinhua November 20, 2020

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Stress Alleviation Products on Display at CIIE

by Nathan Bennett November 17, 2020


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