Indian Handsome Shows You around Hangzhou- Sixinfang

For a better understanding about Hangzhou, why not follow Akhil Parashar to enjoy the journey in Hindi.
by Wang Shuya
Akhil Parashar

Produced by China Radio International to introduce Hangzhou, the live video series brings you to visit the Grand Canal, West Lake, Qinghefang Ancient Street and other interesting places in Hangzhou. These videos present both the city’s beauty, Zen philosophy and its vibrant development.

Akhil Parashar, the handsome host in the video, from New Delhi, India, is now working with China Radio International as a radio host and correspondent. He came to China to learn Chinese in 2009. Since then, he has travelled to many places in China and gained some distinctive insight into Chinese culture. So, why not follow him to enjoy the beauty and joys of Hangzhou in Hindi.