SCO: A New Model for Close, Inclusive International Relations

Interview of B.R Deepak, Professor from the Center of Chinese & Southeast Asian Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University
by Li Zhuoxi

And today we’re here to discuss one of the most important events on the political calendar,not just for China but also for several other   countries across Europe and Asia.It’s the annual summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization or,the SCO, which is scheduled to take place in China's Qingdao City in June.

The event, which focuses on matters of economic,cultural and security cooperation,has a special significance this year. This is the first year that  India and Pakistan will be participating in the summitafter joining the SCO as full members in 2017. 

So how is this development poised to affect Indo-Pak, as well as Indo-China relations?And what are the pros and cons of this development?

Let’s speak to some experts to find out.