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Highlights of President Xi Jinping’s speech at Global Trade in Services Summit of 2020 CIFTIS

by China Pictorial September 5, 2020

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Xi makes three proposals at int'l services trade fair

by Xinhua September 4, 2020

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Xi Focus: Xi attends commemoration of 75th victory anniversary of anti-Japanese war, WWII

by Xinhua September 4, 2020

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Xi Focus: Xi stresses building new modern socialist Tibet

by Xinhua August 29, 2020

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Xi Focus: Xi's visit to flood-stricken areas embodies "people first"

by Xinhua August 21, 2020

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Passion for Chinese Language Continues

by Nishith Shah August 19, 2020


Xi urges youth to make new contributions

by Xinhua August 18, 2020

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Xi signs order awarding 4 persons for outstanding contribution in COVID-19 fight

by Xinhua August 13, 2020

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China's top legislature resolves HKSAR LegCo vacancy concern

by Xinhua August 12, 2020

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China's State Council asks NPC Standing Committee to decide on HKSAR LegCo matters

by Xinhua August 9, 2020


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