2018 Two Sessions
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Upholding Party Leadership Is the Prerequisite of Achieving the Great Rejuvenation of the Chinese Nation

by Zhong Yan March 1, 2018

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The Amendment to the Constitution Is Conducive to Understanding It More Rationally

by Zhong Yan March 1, 2018


Affirming Party Leadership Should Be Part of China’s Constitution

by Zhong Yan March 1, 2018


Extracts of report to 19th CPC National Congress published in Chinese, English

by Xinhua March 1, 2018


Proposed constitutional revisions to navigate China into modernization

by Xinhua February 27, 2018


China Focus: Proposed constitutional amendment package unveiled

by Xinhua February 26, 2018


China’s Spring Festival Travel Season Officially Begins

by Zhou Xin February 1, 2018


Right on Track: 2018 Spring Festival Travel Rush Kicks Off

by China India Dialogue February 1, 2018

Xi davos cid

Flashback: Key Quotes from Xi’s Speech at WEF in 2017

by China-India Dialogue January 26, 2018


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