Crisis Meets Opportunity: The Next Step for Private Business in China

by Zhou Dewen February 18, 2019

If Chinese private enterprises precisely adapt to changing market demand, actively adjust product mix and manage debt, a bright future awaits.

Nurturing Ecology While Building Enterprise

by China-India Dialogue December 20, 2018

What are the most pressing environmental challenges in China and India? And how to tackle them?

Comparing Economic Reforms in India and China

by Mahendra P. Lama January 24, 2019

Economic reform has been the key instrument to elevate growth performance, but it always carries larger development ramifications in both India and China. However, their reform measures, strategies and implementation vary widely.

Tracking China’s Ecological Progress with Numbers

by Hu Zhoumeng & Andrey Maleev August 9, 2018

As harmonious coexistence between human and nature actually becomes reality, a brand new scroll of green China is unrolling in front of


Real Numbers on China’s Artificial Intelligence Boom

by Hu Zhoumeng & Andrey Maleev May 2, 2018

A new round of AI-driven technological and industrial revolution is sprouting in China.

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Foreign Investment Law for Equality and Convenience

by Bian Yongzu March 3, 2019

The foreign investment law will enhance the status of foreign businesses in the Chinese economy and provide them with more convenience.

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Realistic Attitude Furthers Sino-Indian Cooperation

by Mao Keji February 24, 2019

Instead of obsessing over the cliché of the dragon-elephant comparison, scholars from both countries need to be more realistic and see what they can best do to achieve shared prosperity between the two giants.  


Transforming Jobs in the Age of AI

by Joe Luc Barnes February 14, 2019

Should companies use AI to increase productivity and profits, or do they also have a duty to improve the day-to-day routine of their employees?

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【Video】A Villager and His Stage Costume Business

by Ma Xiaowen December 10, 2018

The first episode of Beijing Review’s Web series: 40 Years of Reform and Opening Up: China's Rural E-Commerce Going Global


Vivek mani tripathi

Strengthening China-India Ties Through Cultural Exchange

Vivek Mani Tripathi

Hailing from India’s northern state of Bihar, Vivek Mani Tripathi works as a Hindi teacher at the Guangdong University of Foreign Studies in Guangzhou, southern Guangdong Province. He chose the Chinese name Zhi Hui, which means “glittering with wisdom.” On June 1, 2018, he shared his story of studying Chinese literature and teaching Hindi in fluent Mandarin at a meeting themed on the people-to-people exchange held during the first media summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.


A Sober Look at Dangerous Misconceptions on China-India Relations

Lan Jianxue

Hopefully, the Modi government will demonstrate political wisdom and keep the bigger picture in mind when handling issues concerning China-India relations as well as taking active measures to end the stand-off between the two countries. This is the only choice beneficial to India’s security and development, to China-India cooperation, and to the stability of the region as a whole.

Pankti mehta

India Rockets Past Record Books

Pankti Mehta Kadakia

The country achieved a milestone by launching 104 satellites with a single rocket in February. A journalist provides a first-hand account of the historic moment.


Indian and American Scholars Should Play a Positive Role in Maintaining Peace

Pan Heping

China’s defense policy is intended to safeguard and promote the peace and stability of the international community. Conversely, the suggestion that the U.S., Japan, and India collaborate to constrain China’s rise, as some Indian and American scholars made at the conference, is negative to the security of the Asia-Pacific region.

Xi pledges to bring benefit to people through Belt and Road Initiative

by Xinhua August 27, 2018

President Xi Jinping on Monday underlined thorough and solid cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) to benefit people in countries involved and build a community with a shared future ...


Ecological Tightrope in the Qilian Mountains

by Li Zhiqing November 6, 2018

Only by addressing the imbalanced relationship and correcting the improper resource allocation between environmental protection and economic growth can we realize the simultaneous advancement of the environment and the economy and achieve “green development.”

China and India: Torches of the East

by Luo Zhaohui January 25, 2019

The tide of China-India cultural exchange seems unstoppable. Further infrastructure connectivity has facilitated a heavier flow of interaction between China and India, and even the seemingly insurmountable Himalayan range can do little to impede passionate exchange between the two Asian neighbors.

China and India: Torches of the East

by Luo Zhaohui January 25, 2019

The tide of China-India cultural exchange seems unstoppable. Further infrastructure connectivity has facilitated a heavier flow of interaction between China and India, and even the seemingly insurmountable Himalayan range can do little to impede passionate exchange between the two Asian neighbors.

Thoughts Generated from Short Videos

by Chen Mu January 24, 2019

New media impacts drastically on people’s life whenever it emerges.

Traditional Media in Non-traditional Times

by Zhou Shixiong January 24, 2019

In the age of online media, traditional media is not becoming obsolete. It is now an absolute necessity.






Photographing Shanghai

by Laurent Hou November 10, 2016

The group of pictures provides a diverse and stunning view of a city so massive and complex that so few snapshots can hardly do it justice.


Giant Panda Upgrade

by Zi Mei November 5, 2016

A flagship species, the giant panda can attract heavy participation from the general public to aid its ecological protection.


What Made China-India Border Impasse?

by Lin Minwang November 2, 2016

Border issues are not all of China-India relations, but they are the crux that impacts bilateral relationship.


eWTP: Electronic World Trade Platform

by China-India Dialogue October 27, 2016

The eWTP can streamline present global trade rules and promote development of cross border e-commerce, so that customers around the world are able to buy and sell things easily.


Make in India vs. Made in China

by Yang Wenwu and Mukesh Kumar Verma October 27, 2016

Although India’s fast-growing manufacturing industry has drawn worldwide attention, it still faces many immediate challenges.


Ways of Seeing Each Other

by China-India Dialogue October 27, 2016

Some young Chinese and Indians share their experience of travelling in each other's country.


India-China Tourism: Civilizational Ties in a Modern Avatar

by Ravi Bhoothalingam October 27, 2016

The World Travel and Tourism Council has forecast that the Asia-Pacific region would remain the growth engine for world tourism for the next 10 years. By 2020, the outbound numbers for China and India may touch 100 million and 50 million, respectively.


Chinese Enterprises in India and Their Impact

by Umakant Lakhera October 26, 2016

As on date, from almost all toys, computers and smartphone brands to telecom equipment, China has made its presence felt in Indian households through these products.


Chinese Museums: In Pursuit of Preserving the Culture

by Prof. Sudha Dhingra October 26, 2016

The Museum of Ethnic Costumes is a cultural research institute and one of the 10 best specialized museums in China.


Book: An Uncertain Glory

by Liu Xiaoxue October 26, 2016

With a comparative perspective, the book examines the different approaches adopted by various countries and India’s different states, and the different results they get respectively in fields such as public education, healthcare, and poverty alleviation.