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Rejuvenation of the Chinese Nation to Benefit the World

by Gao Fei September 12, 2019


Chas Freeman: Common Sense and Shared Interests Will Bring China and the U.S. Together Again

by Qiao Zhenqi September 12, 2019

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Liu Deyou:People-to-People Diplomacy in China-Japan Relations

by Liu Deyou September 11, 2019

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Yang Chengxu: Making Friends and Winning Hearts

by Hu Zhoumeng September 11, 2019

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An Huihou:Half-century Attachment to the Middle East

by Li Zhuoxi September 11, 2019

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Gao Yusheng: Making Friends, Not Enemies

by Yin Xing September 10, 2019

1996年9月8日 王嵎生与斯里兰卡总统库马拉通加在总统府会见

Wang Yusheng:Friends Weren't Built in a Day

by Gong Haiying September 9, 2019


Xi Congratulates CIPG on Its 70th Anniversary

by Yuan Yuan September 5, 2019

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Forging Cultural Bonds

by Sreemati Chakrabarti July 30, 2019

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China's defense expenditure reasonable, appropriate: white paper

by Xinhua July 24, 2019


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