The Dragon and the Elephant Embrace a Shared and Brighter Future

by Yu Longyu April 3, 2020

Fraternity and sincerity should be the basis of China-India friendship. And I have seen hopes from the younger generations in both countries.

Revisiting the 2nd Modi-Xi Informal Summit

by Swaran Singh and Zhong Ai December 6, 2019

Informal summits give the two leaders space and flexibility to better recalibrate the direction of bilateral relations.

Comparing Economic Reforms in India and China

by Mahendra P. Lama January 24, 2019

Economic reform has been the key instrument to elevate growth performance, but it always carries larger development ramifications in both India and China. However, their reform measures, strategies and implementation vary widely.

Friendly Exchange: Bridging China and India

by Hu Zhoumeng May 5, 2019

The 2.7 billion people in China and India hold enormous potential for cooperation. The increasingly enhanced people-to-people exchange will strengthen mutual understanding, mutual trust and friendship, driving China-India relations forward.

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Tracking China’s Ecological Progress with Numbers

by Hu Zhoumeng & Andrey Maleev August 9, 2018

As harmonious coexistence between human and nature actually becomes reality, a brand new scroll of green China is unrolling in front of


Insights into China’s Governance

by Wali Zahid January 20, 2021

Aspirational but realistic, China’s leadership knows how to meet the expectations of its people and the world.


The Governance of China in a Changing World – A Review of Xi Jinping: The Governance of China III

by AUGUSTO SOTO January 16, 2021

Practical synergies mean that China and the rest of the world have more chance of pursuing progress if they work together, than if each country pursued development decoupled from other countries. This is the central message to the world of the highly recommended Xi Jinping: The Governance of China III at the beginning of a new year.


Video Competition Promotes China-Africa People-to-People Connectivity

by Beijing Review August 29, 2020

A short video competition was launched on August 28 for contestants to share their stories and experiences related to the increasingly diverse China-Africa relations at a time when the world confronts major challenges such as COVID-19.


Drawing Water from Air

by Zhou Xin June 12, 2020

Watergen will continue to tap the great potential of the Chinese market.

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Lin.minwang 2

Road Ahead: Building New China-India Relations

Lin Minwang

The experiences and lessons of the seven decades since China and India established diplomatic ties provide an enlightening roadmap for future development of their peaceful and stable relations.

Vivek mani tripathi

Strengthening China-India Ties Through Cultural Exchange

Vivek Mani Tripathi

Hailing from India’s northern state of Bihar, Vivek Mani Tripathi works as a Hindi teacher at the Guangdong University of Foreign Studies in Guangzhou, southern Guangdong Province. He chose the Chinese name Zhi Hui, which means “glittering with wisdom.” On June 1, 2018, he shared his story of studying Chinese literature and teaching Hindi in fluent Mandarin at a meeting themed on the people-to-people exchange held during the first media summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.


A Sober Look at Dangerous Misconceptions on China-India Relations

Lan Jianxue

Hopefully, the Modi government will demonstrate political wisdom and keep the bigger picture in mind when handling issues concerning China-India relations as well as taking active measures to end the stand-off between the two countries. This is the only choice beneficial to India’s security and development, to China-India cooperation, and to the stability of the region as a whole.

Pankti mehta

India Rockets Past Record Books

Pankti Mehta Kadakia

The country achieved a milestone by launching 104 satellites with a single rocket in February. A journalist provides a first-hand account of the historic moment.

【Belt and Road: A Grand Journey】 Cultural Exchanges for People-to-people Ties

by China Pictorial April 27, 2019

Under the guidance of the Silk Road Spirit, China and other countries in the world jointly promote cooperation in various fields such as science and technology, education, culture and medical care. The breadth and depth of people-to-people exchanges are constantly expanding.

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China's South-to-North Water Diversion: Great responsibility in every single drop

by March 9, 2020

The South-to-North Water Diversion Project is of great significance both now and into the future.

Shared Environment: Artist Gao Xiaowu’s Works Released with AR Technology

by China-India Dialogue December 21, 2020

As one of the Chinese artists exploring the possibilities of art integrating with public spaces, Gao has been delving into the interaction and interactivity between sculptures and public spaces.

Shared Environment: Artist Gao Xiaowu’s Works Released with AR Technology

by China-India Dialogue December 21, 2020

As one of the Chinese artists exploring the possibilities of art integrating with public spaces, Gao has been delving into the interaction and interactivity between sculptures and public spaces.

Beautiful India, Beautiful China

by China-India Dialogue October 19, 2020


by September 9, 2020






Chinese President Xi Jinping on Tuesday offered China's approach to strengthening the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) cooperation while meeting challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The Popular “Big Guy”

by Zhou Xin November 10, 2020

For the third CIIE, a new member joined in those “big guys”: the cold recycler of Wirtgen Group.

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Accelerated Networking at CIIE

by Nathan Bennett November 10, 2020

The small booths around the edges of the CIIE exhibition halls have representatives from companies offering many kinds of products and services. If you have a good day at work, it is because people at a company like CDS Global Cloud did their jobs.

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Global High-tech Products at CIIE

by Zhou Xin November 9, 2020

A blue-and-white car with a 5G logo at the booth of the Japanese global glass manufacturer AGC catches many visitors’ attention at the exhibition area for Intelligent Industry & Information Technology during the third China International Import Expo (CIIE) in Shanghai. The real exhibit of the booth, however, is not the fancy car, but the invisible technology used in the vehicle — the 5G on-glass antennas.

American company Multipure exhibited their drinking water filtration technology at the China International Import Expo (CIIE).

SHANGHAI, Nov. 8 (Xinhua) -- China's new "dual circulation" development pattern is not about having its doors-closed, but rather opening up vast opportunities in the domestic as well as global mark...

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CIIE: Nurturing New Pacesetters of Opening Up

by Dong Yan and Guo Ruonan November 8, 2020

The third China International Import Expo (CIIE) is being held in Shanghai from November 5 to 10, 2020. As the world's first national-levelimport-themed expo, CIIE has evolvedinto a major platform ...

Chinese President Xi Jinping pointed out in his speech at the opening ceremony of the third CIIE: “As scheduled and confident in the containment protocols that have been put in place, China is hosting this global trade event. It demonstrates China’s sincere desire to share its market opportunities with the world and contribute to global economic recovery.”

"Our aim is to turn the China market into a market for the world, a market shared by all, and a market accessible to all," Xi said while delivering a keynote speech via video at the opening ceremony of the third CIIE that was convened as scheduled following the country's successful containment of COVID-19.